Cloud encryption

Increase cloud storage security with strong encryption and intelligent data distribution

Sensitive data in the cloud

Cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive provide perfect solutions for storing sensitive documents, private films such as birthday videos or other data. Once the data is saved to the cloud, it can be easily retrieved from any location or shared with others and is safe from PC crashes or other problems.

Cloud storage secure

But how secure is data stored in the cloud against unauthorized access?

Strong encryption

256-bit AES symmetric encryption has become widely accepted as the standard for encrypting sensitive data. The procedure is considered extremely secure and delivers satisfactory performance results even with mobile devices.

However, for effective cloud storage encryption, the time and place of the applied encryption are crucial. This is why all leading cloud storage providers now offer AES encryption on their own servers (e.g. Dropbox, as can be read here).

But this gives the cloud storage providers themselves control over the applied symmetric encryptions, which essentially renders the entire encryption concept futile.

Therefore, a rigorous cloud storage encryption secures sensitive data at the client-level. This ensures that data is already protected when transmission occurs and remains shielded from third parties.

Besides the time and place of the symmetric encryption, a secure key exchange must also be assured. Only the use of asynchronous encryption makes cloud storage encryption truly secure.

Encrypt files locally

The combination of a 256-bit AES symmetric process with an asynchronous process for the secure exchange of the symmetric keys is widely regarded as the best available and most secure encryption approach.

Cloud encryption and data distribution

So the data encryption is thereby covered:

  1. Encrypt data locally with 256-bit AES symmetric encryption
  2. Exchange symmetric keys via asynchronous RSA

But how can the data be securely transmitted to the cloud?
Countless cloud storage providers have emerged on the market – so wouldn’t it make sense to combine these cloud services?

Precisely this is our innovative solution! SecureBeam combines the available storage space of cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive into one large and strongly encrypted cloud storage:

Cloud encryption

This offers multiple advantages at once:

  • The encrypted data is distributed among the various cloud services
  • Hackers must access several services in order to piece together the data
  • Should a hacker indeed succeed at accessing the various cloud services, the data remains secure:It is still strongly encrypted
  • The data stored in the cloud is safeguarded against loss: 2 out of 3 cloud storage locations suffice to restore the data.