Combine Dropbox and Google Drive

Get more free space

Dropbox provides an awesome service to sync and backup your files, right from your Desktop. Simply drop a file to the Dropbox folder and the service syncs it automagically to the cloud. The problem arises by this ease of use: The provided free space runs out quite quickly!

Combine Dropbox and Google Drive

But Dropbox is not the only cloud storage service out there. Google launched it's own version of backup service quite successfully.Google Drive enables users to edit and share documents online and even designing your presentations is possible in Google Drive - simply by using your web-browser.
But Google Drive relies on the same business-model as Dropbox does: Freemium. This means: Limited free space, you have to pay to get more.
In detail the free space of Google Drive is consumed way faster: if your account uses services like GMail, Google Plus, etc. (which is very very likely) all these services consume the free quota of your Google Drive.

So, what to do with all these free quotas, in the separated silos of cloud storages?

Our smart answer: SecureBeam!
SecureBeam combines all your cloud storages to one single cloud store. SecureBeam optimally distributes each single file over all activated cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Elevate your free space and security

But there is even more than the smart distribution of the files to multiple cloud storages: SecureBeam encrypts and splits each single file before loading it into the cloud storage services.

This simple by effective concept significantly increases the security of the overall solution: Assume that your Dropbox got hacked, the attackers can only retrieve 50 % of the file - and still, these 50 % are encrypted. There is no way for the attacker to connect the 50 % of the file with another account.

Only you as the owner of the file knows, where the other half of the file resides. And only you as the owner can download the two parts, merge the data chunks and decrypt the file to retrieve the original content.

To sum it up:

  • SecureBeam combines the free quota of your cloud stores to the maximum
  • SecureBeam encrypts each single file and splits it to different cloud stores