File upload

File upload fast, free and extremely secure

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, our work environments changed dramatically. Files need to be available instantly, on the right device. Today's work environment is distributed among different devices: Our files are stored in the cloud, we don't care if they are on our Desktop, on our smartphone, on our workstation or somewhere else.

There is only one thing that counts: our files need to be available - instantly. No matter where they are, they need to be available fast - and secure.

File upload

Secure upload

And for these requirements SecureBeam provides the optimal solution: Each single file is synced instantly to each connected device. Think of Dropbox' sync technology - but on steroids! It works lightning fast:

  1. Drop a file in the SecureBeam folder
  2. The file is encrypted and split to different cloud storage services
  3. The file is synced immediately to the smartphone app (available for Android and iOS)

Fast desktop integration

SecureBeam integrates seamlessly into the Windows Desktop: Either through a right-click on your selected file or by dropping the selected file into the SecureBeam folder, the file beaming is triggered.

And all these features are available for free!

Give it a try today and download the latest released for your platform: