WhatsApp End-to-end

End to end encryption insights for WhatsApp

In-depth encryption analysis

By the end of 2014 Open Whisper Systems announced WhatsApp is planning to integrate their highly secure end-to-end encryption protocol into its popular messaging service. As of the NSA unveilings these news generated high interest in the media - but nowadays this interest completely died down. Many users ask themselves: Is WhatsApp secure? Or is Facebook tapping in?

To answer this question security experts from the biggest german IT magazine analyzed the encryption of the most recent WhatsApp version by forcing aMan-in-the-middle attack with Wireshark's WhatsApp dissector plugin.

Security depends - on the mobile platforms

WhatsApp end-to-end


To sum up the insights of the in-depth security analysis: the user never really knows, if it is actually being used. The encryption protocol of Open Whisper System's TextSecure provides good encryption, but it's integration into WhatsApp is currently absolutely incomplete for real world communication.

Proper end-to-end encryption with WhatsApp therefore remains a unambitious attempt.